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Well referendum day is over and the results are in. 45% of Scotland wanted independence, 55% wanted to remain in the UK.
So the day draws to a close with Scotland still being part of the UK union.

Now, I was firmly in the 'Yes' camp. I thought that Scotland deserved to have their own power to decide matters within their country. I also believed that the North Sea Oil fund could be used for far greater things, such as improving the poverty stricken areas of Scotland rather than being used to fun Westminster (who, by the way, have openly admitted that they've already squandered BILLIONS of the money from the NSOF so make of that what you will.)

However, I could see where the 'No' voters where coming from. Several large buisnesses threatened to relocate to England in the event of a Yes vote, notably including the Royal Bank of Scotland. This would have cost thousands their jobs and homes where threatened too. It seemed like a Yes vote would lead to Scotland losing money, jobs and since Westminster where offering to increase Scotlands politcial power in a devolution scheme if a No vote was reached, it seemed logical.

Now Ed Milliband has just announced that he will not be supporting the devolution scheme. And this was within 24 hours of the No vote going through.

All I can say is 'Well done' to the No camp. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for Scotland to become a totally independant country, free to decide it's own rules for it's own people with no influence from Westminster or other non-relevant governing powers. And now you have decided to stay beneath Englands heel. I hope none of you dare to sing 'Flower of Scotland' or 'Scotland the Brave' again. I hope none of you wave a saltire or talk about your proud heritage again. Because (and this will get me a lot of hate I know) you have ultimately decided that you are too afraid to take control of your own lives and make Scotland a better place with your own hands. And the shitstorm on the way? You voted for it.
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And I'm suuure I'll be eternally thankful for people writing angry fanfiction about childrens shows they don't like. Right after I finally get that labotomy.
Oh and I've blocked you too sweetie, fairs fair and all that jazz. :iconpinkiewinkplz:
TheManicalManiak Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014
I like you, girl. Just for the fact that unlike the other asshats here on dA you realize how awful Mykan`s fanfics are.
LaLaLaNiceLady Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I owe a lot of that to my mate Beats0me, he's the one who introduced me to this cavalcade of self insert fail sauce.
But...wait....people actually like these fics? O_O I've heard Beats mention that before, seeing it in humanity waning...
TheManicalManiak Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
We live in a world full with idiots. And some of them write shitty MLP hatefic.
Anyway, good to see someone with taste once in a while.
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I just block you and remark YOU as spam, and my stuff is not a pile of butt to me...

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Someday you'll be thankful that guys like ME are around doing this
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